JLC Series Lubricated Compressor

Users: 1-3
Sale price$5,365.00


JLC Series Lubricated Compressor. Designed by the very best, the JLC Series will leave you satisfied with everything you expect from your clean air source.

Key features

-  Copeland powered heads provide the most quiet, reliable service.

- The 0.01 micron filter catches the smallest contaminants, leaving only the cleanest air possible. Dust? Oil? Smoke? Even bacteria can't pass through.

- Our exhaust silencer keeps the noise level to a minimum, and filters the purge air to keep your mechanical room clean.

- The purge tank/desiccant dryer system provides the cleanest and the most dry air possible, leaving you worry-free throughout the day.


JLC Series Lubricated Compressor Specifications

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