Ecovac Dry Vacuum Pump

Users: 2-3
Sale price$8,335.00


Our EcoVac system provides the advantages of proven technology, durable construction, quiet operation and oil-free
performance with the latest in water and energy-saving features. This is not only important to you as an environmentally
responsible business owner, it also prepares your practice for the upcoming change to metered water usage in
many areas of the country. We utilize a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control the vacuum levels. With no suction
being used, the motor is running one third the speed and using very little power. Every time a suction hose is being used
the motor automatically speeds up to maintain constant suction.
Maintenance free unit with no traps to clean, no oil to check or change. Truly a ZERO maintenance machine.

Ecovac System Information 

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