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MI Paste One (US) - Fresh Mint

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MI Paste ONE is the newest member of the MI Paste® Family as a two-in-one application (toothpaste and MI Paste Plus®) containing RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) and fluoride, in a cool mint flavor. This product presents another way to treat sensitivity, remineralize tooth enamel and prevent white spot lesions. Imagine a simple, single step for treatment and cleaning. As a replacement for your current toothpaste, it gives you the same power of MI Paste Plus®, but in a single application. Now, rather than brushing first then applying MI Paste® and/or MI Paste Plus®, youll simply brush with MI Paste ONE.

MI Paste®, MI Paste Plus® and MI Paste ONE are the only products for professional use containing the active ingredient RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP), a special milk-derived protein that has a unique ability to release bio-available calcium and phosphate (and fluoride in MI Paste Plus® and MI Paste ONE) to tooth surfaces. When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile, these key ingredients can make a big difference in overall health.

Use MI Paste ONE:

For hypersensitivity

For remineralization

For tooth erosion and wear

For sensitivity from whitening

For preventing caries and white spot lesions

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