G-ænial A'CHORD Universal Composite with Unishade Simplicity

GC AmericaSKU: G30952230

Shade: A1
Sale price$81.90


G-ænial™ A'CHORD is a universal composite restorative which represents the ideal balance of simplicity, esthetics and advanced technology in one product. G-ænial™ A’CHORD offers dentists a versatile universal composite for anterior and posterior restorations and its simplified unishade system achieves the esthetics of all 16 Classic Vita® shades with only 5 core shades. It achieves invisible restorations with a reduced inventory and quick polishing which makes it not only time efficient but also cost effective. G-ænial™ A’CHORD offers natural fluorescence created by its unique filler technology that mimics the reflection of natural light which results in invisible restorations in any light. G-ænial™ A’CHORD offers an ideal non-sticky consistency. This is a result of the combination of a Bis-MEPP monomer and optimized filler-monomer, which allows the dentist to easily sculpt the material with a hand instrument or a brush. The secret behind G-ænial™ A’CHORD is GC’s revolutionary proprietary technologies: Full-Coverage Silane Coating (FSC) and High Performance Pulverized CERASMART® (HPC) fillers. The combination of these technologies with the monomers gives the material its high strength, low wear, gloss retention, stain resistance and excellent radiopacity.

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