Flexitime Dynamix Putty Trial Kit


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Flexitime Dynamix Putty Trial Kit includes: 1 x 380 mL Dynamix Putty, 10 Dynamix Mixing Tips, 1 Dynamix Fixation Ring, 1 x 50 mL Cartridge Light Flow, 1 x 50 mL Cartridge Medium Flow, 6 Mixing Tips yellow, 6 Intraoral Tips yellow, 1 Universal Adhesive (10 mL). The intelligent time-concept: The innovative A-silicone with its special formula controls the polymerization kinetics by oral temperature and sets rapidly only after insertion into the mouth. This flexible working time combined with an always short intraoral setting time takes the stress out of taking impressions. Automatic mixing: High-speed mixing with our Dynamix speed system is easy and saves precious time. A wide range of indications: You can use Flexitime for a wide range of indications from single-tooth preparation over multiple-unit prosthetics to a full denture according to your requirements. The A-silicone is available in 3 different delivery forms and 6 different viscosities.

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