BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus F03 (Low Flow) Syringe Refill - 2.2g

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BEAUTIFIL FLOW PLUS_ F03 (Low Flow) _ 2.2g Syringe Refill,BEAUTIFIL FLOW PLUS_ F03 (Low Flow) _ 20 x 0.21g COMPULE TIPS, Injectable Hybrid Restorative Material, Light-Cure. Non-slumping, precision stacking, proximal wall/core build-up material. A base, liner and final restorative all in one! Beautifil Flow Plus is the next step in the evolution of restorative materials, combining the convenience of a flowable delivery system with strength and functionality that surpass leading hybrid composites. Designed to stand up to the rigors of the occlusal surface, Beautifil Flow Plus offers precision handling like no other flowable. Shofu's proprietary S-PGR (Surface Pre-Reacted Glass) filler technology also provides the added benefit of sustained fluoride release and recharge making it ideal for high caries patients. Available in two distinct viscosities, F00 (Non Flow) for precision stacking, and F03 (Low Flow) for traditional flowability..Approved for all classes!.Physical properties rival leading composites.Precise handling Stacks without slumping and just stays put.Self-leveling, bubble free consistency, reduces instrumentation/polishing time.Superior adaptation ensure a tight marginal seal, decreasing voids.High radiopacity allows clear visibility during follow-ups.Fluoride release and recharge is ideal for high caries index patients.Now also available in tips

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