RelyX Luting Plus cement is formulated to help make everyday procedures like PFMs and metal/pediatric crowns faster and more reliable. Featuring an improved paste/ paste formula with tack light cure option, RelyX Luting Plus offers better bond strength compared to other leading RMGI cements, while making cleanup fast and easy.  


Excellent for permanent cementation of PFM and pediatric crowns 

  • Using RelyX Luting Plus cement helps you sail through the day with confidence. Not only is it fast and easy to use, but it delivers proven bond strength for a wide range of indications, including:
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns and bridges
  • Metal crowns, inlays and onlays
  • All-alumina or all-zirconia strengthened core ceramic restorations (such as Lava™ Zirconia or Procera® AllCeram)
  • Orthodontic bands
  • Final cementation of PFMs, metal crowns and all-alumina or all-zirconia strengthened core ceramic restorations to implant abutments


Product Benefits

  • Convenient paste-paste delivery in the Clicker dispenser
  • Consistent mix ratios
  • Advanced formula for better performance: enhanced marginal integrity with low solubility and increased adhesion and shear bond strength on dentin and enamel cementations
  • Easy to mix, load and seat
  • Easy cleanup
  • High strength
  • Low post-operative sensitivity
  • Sustained fluoride release


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