With over 400 million successful Permite restorations placed since its release worldwide in 1975, Permite is the non-gamma 2 admix alloy unsurpassed by any other. According to the manufacturer's website, Permite received a 98% rating by The Dental Advisor for consistency of mix, ease of loading, placement in preparations, condensability, burnishability, quality of interproximal contact, carvability and setting characteristics. The resulting restorations are smooth and have excellent margin adaptation, especially after burnishing.


Physical Properties

Composition:      Ag 56%, Sn 27.9%, Cu 15.4%, In 0.5%, Zn 0.2%, Hg 47.9%
Alloy particle:      spherical and lathe cut
Compressive strength @ 1 hour:       260MPa (37,700psi)
Compressive strength @ 24 hours:     500MPa (72,500psi)
Diametral tensile strength @ 1 hour:       28MPa (4,060psi)
Diametral tensile strength @ 24 hours:       54 MPa (7,830 psi)
Static creep @ 7 days:      0.20%
Dimensional change @ 24 hours:     +4µm/cm


High compressive strength

Permite’s high compressive strength minimizes the risk of fracturing the restoration. High compressive strength ensures a tough and durable long lasting restoration.


Not affected by moisture

Permite exhibits the best sealing qualities with no danger of excessive delayed expansion if accidentally contaminated with water-based fluids. Hence, it would seem prudent to select an alloy such as Permite for retrograde fillings.


Low microleakage

The microleakage for Permite is essentially zero. Extensive microleakage has been related to increased post operative sensitivity.


Greater choice of setting times and larger choice of capsule sizes

The working and setting times allow large restorations to be condensed and carved without difficulty.


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