Thoroughly cleaning machines with the least amount of effort in order to prevent costly repairs is not always an easy task. However, Tuttnauer Chamber Brite Autoclave Cleaner makes the task a bit easier. Specifically made for autoclaves and sterilizers, Chamber Brite cleans the chamber, reservoir and all internal tubing and valves.  For best results, autoclave cleaner should be used every 20 cycles. To ensure your patients are receiving healthy and safe treatments, sterilizers also need to be cleaned, maintained, and calibrated for proper functioning at least once every six months. With convenient, pre-measured packets, Chamber Brite will help prolong the life of cleaning machines.


Chamber Brite powder is simply the easiest way to keep autoclaves clean and free of water deposit build-up. Designed specifically for steam sterilizers, Chamber Brite effectively cleans and descales the reservoir, chamber and tubing in minutes.


  • Available in 10 single-use packets per box

  • No pre-mixing required

  • Regular usage promotes efficiency

  • Odor free


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