XP GRACEY-STANDARD CURETTES #3/4 XP w/EagleLite Color Resin Handle (Each) MFG #AE G 3-4 XP X

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The scaler sickles with XP Technology™ are used to remove supragingival calculus and deposits.XP Technology (XP) saves time & money with no sharpening required for the life of the instrument. Lasts as long as conventional instruments that require sharpening. Sharpest factory edge, thin blade design provides over 100x greater wear resistance over traditional stainless steel or carbon instruments. Instrument has a resin, 3/8 dia. knurled handle, making it lightweight and provides superior tactile feedback, reducing the onset of carpal tunnel.Sterilizable by all methods. Autoclavable up to 350. 100% satisfaction guaranteed."

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