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AGFA Intensifying Screens (Dentus Green) _ Ortho Regular (15 x 30 cm) (6 x 12 in) CARESTREAM LANEX Regular Screen _ 5 in x 12 in (with double-backed tape) CARESTREAM LANEX Regular Screen for X-OMAT Cassettes _ 8 in x 10 in (with foam)
CARESTREAM LANEX Medium Screen _ 15 x 30 cm (with double-backed tape) ORTHOLUX CASSETTE 8 x 10cm - Each ORTHOLUX CASSETTE 15 x 30cm - Each
15 x 30 cm (with double-backed tape).LANEX Screens are designed for use with T-MAT/RA dental film. LANEX Regular Screens convert X-ray energy into image-creating light more efficiently than conventional blue-light-emitting screens and act as a 400-speed system. If required by your X-Ray generator, LANEX Medium Screens provide a 200-speed system paired with T-MAT/RA film. The screens are sold mounted in X-OMAT Cassettes C-2 (windowless), Extraoral Cassettes or as replacement screens.